How many months in advance should I consider to contract your services?

We recommend hiring at least 12 months before your event. Obviously we make exceptions according to the number of guests, place and dates for the event. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a time limit for contracting your services?

At most we ask for 6 months in advance, obviously this depending on our availability and the decisions you have made for the venue, date, number of guests and the style of decoration. Please contact us.

Is it possible to contract if my event is in another city, town or location outside of Oaxaca?

Of course, we'd love to hear all the details of the event you have in mind, no matter the destination. We move to where you have chosen in and out of Oaxaca.

Is it necessary that my event be in a hall, a garden or the event can also be on private property?

You choose the place and we do everything. It does not really matter where you have decided for your celebration, we attend events even in the most remote places as long as it is suitable to receive the number of guests and in case of not having the desired requirements, all the details are considered to enable it.

Is there any extra cost if my wedding or event is outside of Oaxaca City?

Yes, you should consider the cost of "drag" that is calculated with all providers, as this depends on the distance and / or days that we travel to the place of your event.

If I already have a Wedding Planner, is it possible to hire only your decoration services?

Of course, our event design, coordination and organization service is independent of hiring only the decoration and you can hire us according to your specific needs. Please contact us to consider all the details you have in mind and so together we will take this into account for your proposal and quote.

Are the services exclusively for weddings?

We are specialized in designing all kinds of experiences with flowers, including weddings of any magnitude, anniversaries and private events of any style.

Can I make modifications to my event after I have contracted the services?

Of course, we only ask you to take into account that the modifications may be in terms of the color palette, number of guests, decoration extras and the time limit is one month before your event. If you require a total change in the style of your wedding, it would be subject to the availability of the elements you require.

Is there a cost to the floral arrangement preview?

The cost to carry out a floral arrangement preview without having contracted our services previously is $ 4,500.00 MXN. This cost can be deducted from your quote if you hire our services after the date of this assembly test.

Is it possible to recover my advance payment in case of canceling my event?

We are sorry but the advances are not refundable, as they are used for operational purposes when starting the blocking of the intended date and the planning of your event.

Is it possible to get flowers, foliage or plants that are out of season or imported?

Of course, we can always use flowers out of season because we have different providers with infinite availability for these cases, however we will always recommend you to use everything the season will give us on the dates of your event. We mostly suggest using organic fertilizer-free products. Consider that your budget will increase if you use imported flowers.

Do you offer predesigned packages for events?

We are sorry but we do not handle packages because our services are calculated based on the specific needs of each event and each decoration is different. We will always seek your total satisfaction in the services we provide you, that is why we do not have pre-established quotes or proposals. Please contact us for more information.

Do you only work with local suppliers?

Everything will be planned and produced with our best recommendation according to the style that you and your partner choose for your celebration. We have a wide list that includes services from both local providers and from other states of Mexico and also from abroad, because our main objective is always to make everything you have in mind a reality. We'll always support local consumption, however some high quality photography, video and DJ providers that we suggest may be from other states of the republic without affecting your budget. We have collaborations with them so that their quotes are many times more accessible than with some local providers.

Do you have preferential rates in hotels and restaurants?

That's right, when you contract our services we will share a list of hotels where you and your guests will have a special rate for those days of celebration. We also have preferred partnerships with top restaurants and other service providers that we think you'll love.