I am Roberto Santiago, my career in the world of event decoration began in 2000 when I worked in a flower studio in the United States, and from that moment I knew that I should study event design, and I had the opportunity to further my studies and skills in some countries in Europe such as Spain, France and Germany.

Since 2014 I design events, weddings and experiences in Oaxaca integrating my experience as a floral designer.

My work as a florist and event planner has led me to discover the importance of peak moments
in our lives and that is why we listen with great
sensitivity to the requirements
and preferences that interest you to create
this special occasion.

No design or style is ever repeated as our collaboration is focused on creating an exceptional experience.


Unique and unrepeatable

No matter the size or type of celebration, we create unforgettable experiences for any style of weddings, anniversaries and private events.




We begin with basic questions to discuss the needs of each wedding couple, such as the number of guests, their location preferences, what they like, and what they don't like too.

This first appointment to meet us can be in person at our studio in Jalatlaco Oaxaca, in a cafe, restaurant, at the location you decided for your event or we can also make a video call.

There are many aspects of wedding decoration and organization that you may not have considered for the design your event, so it is necessary to review the details together from the beginning. This conversation will help us describe in detail the personality, vision and expectations of your celebration.


Then we use this information to create a detailed summary of the design of your event and set a date for a second appointment where we will show you our proposal.


At our second meeting we will discuss items to add, replace, or make small adjustments until you feel as satisfied and excited as we are.



Wedding day!

We arrived very early with our team to implement the design and start the transformation of your venue.

We work intensively paying at most attention to every detail, twice ensuring that your day will be magnificent and unforgettable.

Once your event ends, we are responsible for disassembling and collecting our props and decoration, giving an excellent final destination to organic waste in our own compost, to grow more flowers, foliage, succulents and cactus.